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Our mission is to improve the health of people in our community without access to medical and dental care.
8:30-4:30 Monday-Thursday


"After 20 years of living in Kenya, Africa, our family moved to Joplin. As an RN, I knew my medical symptoms needed attention. Being new in town and yet to be established in a medical insurance plan, I had no idea where to go. My mother had heard of the 'Community Clinic' through her church and suggested she take me there. We were met outside in the parking lot by none other than the preacher from the church.

The kindness shown to me throughout the process of registering, intake, refreshment, seeing the physician, having the blood drawn and the recommended follow-up was outstanding. Everyone was treated with dignity irrespective of financial, educational or social standing. After years of serving as a nurse in Africa, and currently serving as the Medical Services Director at Life Choices, it is good to stop and reflect on the importance of having medical services available to everyone no matter what the circumstances.

"The Community Clinic of Joplin has helped many through the years. As a member of the medical community, working with clients at Life Choices, it is exciting to network and send clients needing services beyond our scope of care to the Community Clinic. First hand experience with the care and excellence given by the Community Clinic, personally and professionally, gives great assurance as we partner to provide medical care to those in need."

Karolyn Schrage, R.N.

"Thank you for being there when I needed a tooth pulled. I didn't have money or insurance at the time. I now have a job and insurance. But there was a time when I needed the Community Clinic. This was over 5 yrs ago and I'm still thankful!"


"I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2006. I’ve been coming here since then. If it wasn’t for the Community Clinic, I probably would have died.  They’ve always treated me with respect...I really have a lot of respect for the nurses and doctors and all volunteers at the Clinic."


"Community Clinic has been a Godsend to me. Coming here is like visiting family – no problem is ever considered too trivial.  The nurses and doctors always listen – nothing is too much trouble for them.  Without the Clinic I would not be able to receive my medication, and wouldn’t be in an even bigger mess than I am! Courteous and caring – Community Clinic, where I am treated like a person – am not a number – and they know my name!"


"This Community Clinic is a Godsend! The staff is very patient and caring. I would not be able to afford medical care at this time, if it wasn’t for the Clinic I couldn’t monitor my meds and blood pressure.  After the tornado, I experienced a lot of stress and panic attacks.  The doctor was very patient in listening to me and I have since improved through treatment. I pray the Clinic is here to stay well into the future!"


"Community Clinic is a life saver! I have very bad teeth. The nurses and all staff have gone above and beyond to make sure I left with no pain or a pulled tooth. I am so glad that this program is available for people like me – with little to no money.  You all are truly God sent. Thank you so much!"